Wardrobe Building

In our store or from the convenience of your home, our wardrobe consultants will help you build the collection of your dreams. Starting with the necessary basics that pair with and enhance your everyday style, our fashion experts will help you create a wardrobe that not only withstands time, but is true to who you are. Each time you return to Paletti, we’ll help you supplement your wardrobe with pieces that will expand your collection and freshen classic looks.


Personalized Shopping

Our style consultants work with our clients one-on-one to develop and perfect unforgettable looks. During our personalized shopping sessions, your consultant will take note of your sizes, likes and dislikes, and build looks that flatter and enhance your shape, skin tone, height and physical features. Each time you return, your consultant will be prepared to show you looks from your favorite designers in cuts and color palettes that beautifully complement your personal style and existing wardrobe. Call ahead of time to have your consultant prepare a styling room for your session, complete with your favorite beverage.


Alterations and Tailoring

No woman should leave the store feeling mildly-satisfied with her selection. We’ll help you find and perfect your next amazing ensemble, down to the very last detail. Should a designer’s pattern not superbly fit your frame, we’ll tailor each piece to ensure a perfect, lasting fit.


Most of the alterations we make to our garments are complementary to Paletti clients. We’re also happy to help perfect pieces you may have purchased elsewhere for a small fee.