Hagar Alemik is the name behind the ALEMBIKA label’s unique clothing.  The collection is best known for its easy, flattering layering pieces and embraces femininity and flow.  The ALEMBIKA label stays true to a changing world, fusing shapes and silhouettes with an urban flair.  The use of color and texture creates movement and vitality so that the ALEMBIKA woman can feel comfortable in combinations that reflect personal character and mood.



Eye-catching and accent-oriented travel style defines every Anatomie piece. This American line shows intricate signs of its French and Hungarian roots, and excels in creating sharp, sophisticated looks for the well-traveled woman. Anatomie has mastered the combination of travel style and comfort, and is an artist with high-performance, flexible, and breathable fabrics.



Ania Schierholt is serenity, structure, strength, and modernity.  Authentic styles harmonize with the personality of the designer.  The chosen materiality conveys a sense of well-being and allows a pleasing portability.  Routined seated cuts flatter the feminine silhouette and reveal subtle sensuality.  Flexible combinability leaves room for your own creativity and beauty.



A’NUE redefines the indispensable basic of every woman’s wardrobe.  Perfect for a night out, a day at work, or a relaxing vacation, A’NUE essentials can be an alluring fashion statement or an ideal layering accessory for every occasion.  With an immense choice of styles and hues, the possibilities are endless.



The BIA MIRÓ collection is handmade in Los Angeles out of an incredible viscose blended fabric that holds its shape and flatters everyone for an enduring and classic style. The collection strives to be synonymous with a contemporary and timeless aesthetic.



These designs seamlessly combine cool urban street-wear and classic/elegant/chic in a large variety of colors to suit your type, style, and mood.  CIGNO NERO creates timeless pieces for every occasion that you will rediscover over and over again.



Style, comfort and quality, attention to detail, subtle shades, and distinctive good but understated taste are integral to this collection. The clothes are designed to accentuate self-expression. This is achieved through silhouettes that are apart from mainstream in addition to a color-scheme that includes earthy shades of brown and blue-black, all of which combine effortlessly.  This collection is designed to appeal to the fashionable and environmentally conscious; clothes that create a bond with nature; clothes to wear with distinction.



The Fabrizio Woman wants her wardrobe to not only be functional and attractive, but also to make her feel beautiful and confident without having to run to the dry cleaners in between.  The clothing is machine-washable and always wrinkle-free by design. Fabrizio Gianni sells to discerning clients that know better and understand the quality in the products they are purchasing – sleek LA contemporary styling and designs paired with luxurious European fabrics and textiles.



A self-taught, local SLC designer inspired by Japanese sensibility and aesthetic. Meredith Franck combines cultures by mixing textiles from different decades and countries. This collection blends new with old and natural with modern advances.  It attracts a women seeking a creative outlet that is evolving and unique.



An edgy and functional clothing line made in San Francisco, CA.  This collection offers captivatingly unique styles that are both wearable and fashion-forward.  Porto is eye-catching, one-of-a-kind, and seamlessly mixes classic silhouettes with out-of-the-box design details.



Three Dots prides itself on being made in the USA.  Founded in 1995, Three Dots founder Sharon Lebon set out to create the perfect t-shirt for every woman.  The collection offers what you’re looking for in basics, but is stylish enough to achieve the look of what’s next.  While no woman wants to be basic, every woman wants great basics in her wardrobe. With the luxury of comfort and effortless style, Three Dots goes “Beyond the Basics,” because you’re anything but. 



UP! manufactures the most popular pull-on pants.  The collection raises the level of fashion and fit to new heights. The chic styling and THINCREDIBLE FIT™ is so special, it hasn’t taken long to take North America by storm.